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"Lori's relationship with horses is amazing to watch... they respond to her, and she responds to them in return, as though they are one tribe and one family... almost one being at times. I have watched, time and again, horses approach her as though she is one of their own kind, and perhaps that is why that sense of relationship comes across in her work so strongly and so eloquently. To capture that relationship, whether it be horse-horse or horse/human, is not an easy thing to do, yet it is Lori's gift. She understands the horse on a soul level, and that understanding is evident in her work."Tony Stromberg, photographer/author of "Spirit Horses"

"When it comes to capturing light, texture and movement, Lori is to the camera what Kincaid is to the canvas. I don't know that I've seen others catch the light on a horses hide, the textures,the nuances and variations of movement like she does. Anyone who's had a horse twixt their knees can hear the nickerin' and smell the sweat coming right from the portrait."Curly Musgrave, Singer/Songwriter/Horseman 2003 WMA Male Performer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year, 2003 AWA Entertainer of the Year and Top Male Western Musician 2002 WMA Male Performer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year, 2005 WMA award for Traditional Duo/Group of the Year with Belinda Gail

"Lori Faith Merritt has been given a unique gift that allows her to capture not only exquisite light and realism in her images, but to convey the spirit of the moment as well. And this is no accident! I've seen her at work and she strives to blend with the moment, positioning herself to reveal not only the perfect composition ... but the energy and essence as well. So many of Lori's images literally take my breath away! Most of all her genuine warmth and gentle spirit comes through clearly in her work." Belinda Gail, Singer/SongwriterWMA Western Female Performer of the Year 1999/2000/2001/2002/2005 WMA Western Group/Duo 2005 with Curly MusgraveAWA Western Female Performer of the Year 1999/2004

"There are many photographers who are able to see a good photo and shoot it, but then there are a select few who see the true nature of the subject, and somehow are able to capture on film and convey that essence to visual art. Lori Faith Merritt is one the the very rare few who transcends the ordinary: she portrays the very heart and soul of her lucky subjects...and fortunately for both subject and viewer, she is able to share her artistry. Thank goodness for her ability to photograph her subjects the way they were meant to be seen!" NEW addendum: "Lori Faith's photo of me with one of my Larrivee' guitars so inspired the folks at Larrivee' that they contacted me to be their official poster girl for their new Traditional series of guitar. Now THAT is when you know that someone has photographed you well!" Juni Fisher, Western Songwriter and SingerRedGeetar Records AWA 2005 Female Vocalist of the year, WMA Crescendo Award

"Lori Faith Merritt's skillful photos of Western musicians and poets are memorable; she captures personality in her lens. In addition, she has an artful way of portraying the pulse of an event, from her candid, personal shots to those of the action on stage. She is as tireless as she is talented."Margo Metegrano, Editor, CowboyPoetry.com

"Lori Faith Merritt's photographs reflect her love of the medium, for her subject matter, and a fine eye for specific detail...They do indeed transcend the ordinary."Jon Messenger, Western Singer/Songwriter, Current WMA Vice-President (past WMA President)

Lori manages to get the "seemingly unattainable" shot. Her talent and timing produces a keep sake of that "once in a lifetime" moment. My hat (and teeth) are off to you Lori. Thanks for making me (and the farmer) very, very humble and for making my stories "come to life" for those who haven't seen me in person (yet)! You are one in a million and I am proud to call you my friend.Sam Deleeuw, Cowboy Poet

"This shot captures a wonderful moment during the Friday evening jam session at the Tombstone Western Music Festival in November 2005. I am listening raptly to the performance of my guitar's "papa", Eddy Harrison, as I play along on the beautiful 'Jessie' guitar he custom built for me. I loved looking at the hundreds of online photos of my pards at the WMA 2005. The Texas Trailhands could not be there this year, due to an obligation to perform at an 'October' event that was delayed into November by the effects of Hurricane Katrina. But, now I feel more a part of the festival, because Lori has covered everything and THEN some. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then many songs are being sung through her lyrical shots."Devon Dawson aka "Miss Devon", The Texas Trailhands

"Lori really knows how to capture a moment without anyone knowing she's doing it! What a talent she has, and a great eye when choosing and composing the perfect image. I always look forward to viewing her works."Terri Taylor, Award Winning Western Singer/Songwriter, WMA Director

"Anyone with a camera can record life, but only a great photographer can be counted on to capture your imagination . . . Lori Faith Merritt possesses a rare talent that sets her apart as a truly great photographer. With the eye of an artist, the heart of a poet and the digital enhancement skills of an engineer, Lori Faith captures those fleeting moments of brilliance to create images that can take your breath away."Robert Fee, former Western Music Association General Counsel and 2005 Bill Wiley Award winner

"There is magic in the images by Lori Faith. Her photographs of horses touch my heart like none that I have ever seen! She has graciously shared her talents with the western music world and once again captured the moment, not just the picture. I adore this woman's work and am truly blessed to call her friend! Heck, if she can make a sweaty, dusty horse look so great, look at what she can do for me!!!!!!!!!!!!?Kip Calahan, Western Singer/Songwriter, Cowgirl, Multi-award winner

I am writing in regards to yet another wonderful collection of photographs. The photos you took of my paint horses two years ago fill the walls in my home and I am forever grateful for these memories. I'm so happy that I scheduled another session with you for you were able to do the same with my young German Shepherd (Jenna). The only problem is to find more wall space as the resulting photographic prints are not something I want to put away in a book. I will always cherish these as you have a way of capturing the inner spirit of what is truly there. I have shown my horses extensively in the past and never received such beautiful photos. I only wish I had found you then. I am grateful for the new images of Jenna and am looking forward to our new session with my horses.Continuing to document the lives of my horses in such a personal, beautiful, and unique way is important to me, and I feel blessed to have found you. Thanks again.Dionne Insalaco, Horsewoman, Tucson, AZ

"Many thanks to Lori on behalf of the Las Vaqueras De Tucson Quadrille team. The amount of compliments on our calendars cannot be counted. Matter of fact we sold almost all of our calendars in one month. Even if the person looking at the calendar did not purchase it, they made sure to compliment on Lori's talent that is prevalent throughout the pages. We also would like to thank Lori for her patience with us on a cold early morning. She is committed beyond words. We never thought pictures of us with our horses would look like paintings. Thanks again to Lori from all of us on the team for making our calendars such a huge success".Joyce Mansur, Las Vaqueras De Tucson, Womens Professional Quadrille Team

"Lori's photography comes from her heart and lassos the genuine spirit, raw emotion, and beauty of the true West..."Patty Clayton~Performing Songwriter 2004 WMA Female Performer of the Year

"A cowgirl sits high on her pony, making nature sit back and admire her beauty; a picturesque beauty that belies and at the same time transcends altogether God's infinite greatness. How can this portrait of wonder ever be caught on canvas except through the eye of an artist or the lens of a photographer; the latter being the most difficult. Lori Faith Merritt is mounting the crest of this evolutionary era of photography with her skill and imagination so befitting her masterful style, that ,as she has already done in the past and is presently doing, I believe she will surpass her wildest dreams and make this magical moment come true. I see this dream unfolding with every click of her camera, for she is not a person to waste a magical moment, nor to stop dreaming for that one unique moment to come true. Here's to you, Missy, with all my blessings, as I, too, wait with you. Thanks, Lori. Keep the "Faith" - you merit your deeds.Ermal Walden Williamson as "John Wayne", Impersonator/Actor/Author/Motivational Speaker

"Lori's photography reminds me of the work of watercolorist William Matthews. Her sense of line and space is perfect for portrayal of the themes of the American West. A photographic artist must have an eye similar to the media artist ... Lori is one of the few western photographers I've seen whose eye matches that of her counterparts, as well as translating how a western musician feels through portraiture."Bill Ganz, Bill Ganz Western Band, The Desert Sons

"I believe that all of us in the western arts found a remarkable equine photographer who has adapted very well to the western festival scene. Lori worked hard to give us all a unique perspective of what we do, in her work."Joe Baker, Western Music Association and Home Ranch Hands Director, Academy of Western Artists 2004 Western Music Disc Jockey of the Year, Cowtown Society of Western Music (CSWM) 2004 Disc Jockey of the Year, CSWM Hall of Fame Inductee-Fort Worth, Texas 2004

"Lori Faith keeps her heart open and her focus clear (pardon the pun). Her work is a study in compassion ... images without judgment and without fear. I, a fine artist, find her an inspiration and, as a horse lover, a friend. She is gifted and her work is an asset to any collector's wall!"Anna Noelle Rockwell, Fine Artist (creator of Lori Faith Merritt's Logo)

"On behalf of the Southern Arizona Appaloosa Promoters (SAAP) we are most grateful to Lori Faith Merritt for her outstanding photography at our 2005 Mini Circuit shows. Lori was extremely reliable and was in attendance at all five horse shows. She captured spectular equine events for our participants. She was always the ultimate professional in her attitdue, approach,and demeanor with show participants. She was prompt in getting photos on the website for review. Lori's photos were gorgeous and added a "professional" quality to our open breed shows. As a result of her commitment and quality services, SAAP selected her photos as high point circuit awards! The winners were thrilled to receive a selection of her photos and a plaque for their High Point awards. As a Mini-Circuit High Point Award winner, my photo and plaque are absolutely cherished and displayed in my home!"Rebecca Hill, Treasurer of SAAP, www.saappaloosa.org

"My Appaloosa horses have been beautifully photographed by Lori Faith Merritt during my horse show events! I love to jump and Lori has done an excellent job getting photos of Cracker Jax and I over fences and on the flat. My Mom has purchased many of Lori's photos to add to my lifebook of horse events and proudly shows them to all our friends and family members. We always get positive remarks about the quality of the photos and artistic talent of the photographer. I am so lucky to have these memories recorded in such a beautiful way and I thank Lori for her friendship. I am planning a special photo shoot as part of my high point awards and can't wait to see Lori's creativity show."Candice Hill-Crouch, (multiple SAAP High Point Winner)

"Have you ever seen a horse smile... or down-right giggle through & through? Ever seen em'cry, or worry, or roll around in complete content and delight? Well, take a real close look at this website and you will see it all!! Lori Faith Merritt has captured the love, the sorrow, the joy, the mystery... and every other emotion imaginable in her exquisite photography. No matter who or what Lori chooses to photograph, she has been blessed with a talent that our Lord gives only a few select people! Her magic and intent comes shining through in everything she sees... and as she sees it... she is capable of magically giving it back to you! Wondrous & incredible! Thank you Lori Faith Merritt for all you do!!"Miss Lindalee, Western Singer/Songwriter

"It takes a very special love and passion for life to have creatures great and small show you their true inner feelings and emotions, and it takes a special talent to capture and translate those feelings and emotions. Lori Faith truly has that special love and passion for life and the talent to bring images to life with her camera."Skeeter Mann, The Lost Canyon Rangers

"Lori Faith Merritt is the best. She has a way of capturing images that makes a person feel like they are a part of whatever is going on in the photo. These pictures she sent me of my favorite cowgirls, Miss Devon and Evelyn Roper playing my instruments are just beautiful. Her horse pictures are beautiful as well. May God richly bless her and her family."Eddy Harrison, Cowboy Music Singer/Songwriter, Fine Custom Guitar Maker & Turquoise Inlay Artist, Blue Eagle Guitars

"I met Lori Faith and her camera at the 2005 gathering of The Western Music Association in Albuquerque N.M. I couldn't miss her actually. She was everywhere acquiring images of what was going on and some of that included me. I love to gather in yodelers young and old and when possible find a chair or corner and 'yodel' which seemed to be what she was looking for. Some of the greatest shots ever taken at the WMA were taken because of her dedication to her craft. Thank You, Lori Faith, from all of the artists of The Western Music Association. I hope we have the opportunity to see you and your work at many more of the great festivals in the future."Janet McBride, multi-award winning singer, yodeler, mentor, presented with the WMA Pioneer Award in 2005

"Charlton Heston once said, during an interview, "the three most beautiful things in the world are a newborn babe, a running horse, and a woman." Lori Faith Merritt reaches deep within to capture each nuance of this glory that a horse provides. Grace, deportment, strength, majesty, and fluidity of movement, each is evident in Lori's portrayals. What impresses me most is Ms. Merritt's insistence on using the word "Faith" in her identity. She allows reverence and love from our Creator to color each snapshot, each glimpse of power so nobly constructed. Furthermore, when Lori visits a gathering of western artists, she waits, with patience, until just the right gesture, look, or expression in using her shutter. Regarding both horse and human, we see the grain of their soul through the photography of Lori Faith Merritt."Paul L. White, Webmaster for Janet McBride, Creator of HeroesWest.com

"Lori Faith Merritt's photography reflects life as it happens when no one is looking. True and unbiased."Andy Nelson, Cowboy Poet

"Lori Faith Merritt is one of the top photographers that Rope Burns has published in our pages in many years. Her photos paint a picture, that often times, would require no explanation, but we do it anyway. Thanks Lori, keep sending us the good photos."Bobby Newton, Editor, Rope Burns Magazine

"I met Lori Faith at a Western music gathering where she showed me her portfolio of horse pictures...I was blown away! As we visited and I got to know her a bit as a person, I could see how she could take such vivid pictures that capture the spirit of what she's shooting because she's someone who thinks and feels deeply. She took some great pictures of the participants of the gathering and again, seemed to capture the spirit of the event. I guess it's the difference between a photographer and someone who just takes pictures. Fantastic! I look forward to working with Lori Faith in the future and would highly recommend her if you want a truly professional photographer."Jim Jones, Western Singer and Songwriter

"I first got acquainted with Lori at the 2005 Western Music Association festival in Albuquerque NM, and was immediately drawn to a person who is dedicated not only to our four legged equine friends but the way of life that they embody. I was struck by the depth of portrayal and insight into cowboy and western culture in her photographs, not to mention her ability to walk the fine line between the drama and reality of a moment caught on film. To say I love her work would be a vast understatement!"Tony Reed, Cowboy/Western entertainer and rancher

"Just one sentence or paragraph cannot describe the work of this gifted artist!!! There are not enough adjectives to cover her work, but WOW! is good, it covers a lot. The superlatives that come to mind are Spiritual, Inspired and absolutely beautiful. Lori Faith's work is an artistic doorway... you can step through that doorway and you are there experiencing a misty morning watching horses soaring and for me, a horsewoman, who has left the "surly bonds of earth" while on the back of a horse I will say what Lori Faith gifts us with is a prayer no matter what the subject."Tom and Donna Hatton, Singers/Songwriters/Western Poets, AWA Will Rogers Award for Cowboy Poetry CD Album of 2005 for "Whispers of Voices."

"Lori Faith's photos look into and touch the heart of whatever she sees through the lens--horse, human or musician-in-motion. The pictures of my performances at the WMA Festival in Nov. 2005 were wonderful. I feel she really allows the emotion in the songs to be an important part of the image."Jamie Parker-Frank, Western Singer/Songwriter

"We met Lori Faith Merritt at the 2005 WMA Festival in Albuquerque and were impressed with her portfolio and the creative work she did at the festival. We hope to have a long friendship and working relationship with her."Dave and Sharon Boyd, Western music artists

"Lori Faith Merritt thoroughly covers an event. We loved getting acquainted with her and were impressed at how she seemed to be most everywhere, covering the obvious action as well as special moments in obscure locations, while still being friendly and personable to everyone. She creatively captures the life and spirit of her subjects in images that are unique and masterful."Wayne and Leslie Hanson and family, The Hanson Family Singers

We met Lori Faith at the 2005 WMA Festival in Albuquerque. We noticed that she seemed to be everywhere, all at once, with so much excitement and enthusiasm. We had no idea that she was the official photographer at the event till she was introduced as such at one of the awards shows. Every time she took our picture, we were flattered! Our daughter Sherry was especially delighted when Lori Faith asked me how old she was. When I said "Almost 28", she was shocked. She thought Sherry was a teenager! Thanks, Lori, for creating such wonderful memories for us in your fabulous photos!The Ball Family

"I just wanted to let you know what a tremendous response I've had to the picture of JR on Dreamhorse.com. With my picture I got 3 responses to my ad the whole 3 months it was on. I've had 5 responses just in the first week with the much prettier pic you took. I'm very optomistic now about relocating him. I even had one person e-mail me and ask why he was priced so low. How nice it is to have a photographer that understands horses AND the nutty, excentric people who own them. I was amazed at your quick, intuitive understanding of each horse. You really have to be a "horse person"/"horse whisperer" to capture the inner horse the way that you do. Whether its a talent or a gift, keep it up." Kathy Duffy, multi-horse owner and horse show competitor

"I had been searching for quite a while to find that one unique photographer who would capture our horses personalities in a natural, yet artful manner. I knew Lori Faith was the one I'd been waiting for from the first moment I opened her portfolio book and glanced at the photographs within. We arranged for two "dawn to dusk" sessions and Lori was the consumate professional, taking it all in stride. I had to get one horse ready while she photographed another for a total of seventeen horses in two days. She never made me feel rushed or inept, although it was a very disorganized shoot on my part. She loves horses and it showed. To see the pictures before Lori enhanced them was exciting. To see the actual finished product was breath-taking! There were so many quality shots that I picked out many more than I would have thought possible, and my family and I are so grateful that we now have these wonderful keepsakes to cherish forever. I wish I would have done this sooner. I consider myself a very satisfied customer and I would definately use Lori again in the future for the next batch of foals at Valle Verde Arabians.Claudia Stowe, Valle Verde Arabians

"We at the Illinois Country Music Association, Inc. recently had occasion to avail ourselves of the services of Lori Faith Merritt (Photography By Faith) and we found her extremely pleasant and easy to work with. Her photos reflect her dedication to her craft and the photos we received from her were very well done and were appreciated by our association. Take a few moments and visit her web site. Her artistry really shows through in all the work she does."Ray Prince, President, Illinois Country Music Association, Inc.

"Lori Faith Merritt's (Tucson, AZ) original plans for last weekend were to come to the WMA festival to enjoy the weekend and some great Western music. However, after the photographer we had requested for the event "hit the trail", she was asked to lend a hand. She not only made a hand, she made a TOP HAND! Over the course of the weekend she was everywhere shooting over 300 photos per day trying to capture on film as many special moments as possible. Thanks Lori for your excellent work!"Roger S. Banks,former Western Music Association Executive Director, Western Music Artist